My world of lemon spice

Living in New York is pretty cool. Never thought living here would be the complete opposite of what people depict New York to be . Yeah , there is crime and mayhem , but that’s everywhere . The only one can do is try to live life to the fullest , become aware of your surroundings and know how to defend yourself (that’s a plus) .
Anyhoo, today was pretty fun. My mom and I went to Harlem . We went shopping , sightseeing , and just enjoy the overall atmosphere . The overall atmosphere is rather friendly than where I use to live . As a Muslim living in (somewhere in NC) , I wouldn’t get much Salaam’s from other Muslims . Rather , they would stare , ignore , or just “mean mug” (if that’s the word I’m looking for) … But in New York , the Muslims here are more friendlier . Literally , there would be a Salaam at EVERY corner! And I’m not the only one who has noticed this . Even my mom says , Muslims here are most openly to greet each other (which is natural btw)..
So , to get down to the present time (as I’m typing here ), I have a caught a huge amount of sleepiness from the delicious dinner my mom has made . Tonight she cooked spaghetti. Right now , it feels as if I ate a humongous sleeping pill downed with camomile tea .
As I reach my state of REM , I wish you guys a goodnight and an awesome tomorrow ……….😃😁😉

2 years ago | 11:47pm

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